Automotive Ceramic Coatings

AM Nano Ceramics is a permanent coating that actually becomes the functional surface of your vehicle's paintwork. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a coating that cannot be washed off like a or sealant.

Diamond Coating Finest Reserve represents a revolutionary advance in paint protection. An exclusive, permanent ceramic coating which imparts a color enhancing gloss while protecting exterior surfaces for the Lifetime of new cars, and up to 8 years on used cars.


Our flagship top-tier ceramic coating service, AM Diamond Nano Ceramic Coating is the most exclusive coating available worldwide with only 120 approved installers across North America. Using industry leading Si02-Epoxy Hybrid technology, AM Nano Ceramic Coating provides a level of protection, gloss, and durability that is unrivaled in the coating market. If you want the best of the best for your vehicle, AM Diamond Nano Ceramic Coating is the cream of the crop!